I am delighted that a new Aldi has just opened just 11 minutes drive from Watersong, opposite Reunion Resort and near other useful places such as the WaWa garage (great for coffee as well as fuel), a Publix and a good take out or eat in pizza place called Marco’s Pizza. Also this Aldi is in the perfect spot for calling in to en route  back from the airport, parks etc.

Prior to this branch of Aldi opening I had started driving to the one at Haines City (near Walmart) and much prefer shopping at Aldi than any other supermarket I have tried in Orlando. As in Britain, the prices are very competitive and I think cheaper than the others. It is far quicker to get through the tills, especially compared to when shopping at Walmart which takes ages.

The quality of the food is very good and I feel I am able to buy a lot more ingredients at Aldi that I use regularly in the UK but have struggled to find at some of the other supermarkets in Orlando.

They do some very good wine and one particular range that was recommended to us  is called Winking Owl and is excellent for the price at around $3 a bottle! They also do some good beer and as fans of Blue Moon wheat beer which we usually drink when in restaurants we have enjoyed the Aldi equivalent.