Alligators Unlimited- Airboat Nature Tours

Alligators Unlimited Airboat Nature Tours-

This is one of our favourite things to do when we are in Orlando and we will probably repeat the experience each time we are over here with different friends and family as it is so enjoyable.

Captain John was the guide that we have been out with now on two occasions and he is fantastic, having been born and bred in “The Swamp” so he really knows the area. Cost is $50 per person but each time we have been we have had a $5 discount per person. The ride on the airboat lasts approximately an hour and is one of the best experiences. We have been now in November and in May and as the seasons change so too does the experience in terms of what wildlife we saw. On each ride we have seen alligators, so many different birds such as herons, falcons, eagles and buzzards. In May we saw wild deer grazing at the edge of the water. As much as the wildlife is wonderful we also enjoy the ride itself and when it goes at a nice speed it is just exhilarating. Captain John told us that they very best time of year to see the alligators there is in March.

We have been twice since this and on both occasions we loved it. Our friends whom we took here and then to The Marsh Landing Airboat Tours said they preferred this one, but to be honest both places put on a wonderful trip and you won't be disappointed with either.

The last time we visited was in February 2018 with my sister, her husband and their two teenage children. It was an activity loved by all and we saw about 8 alligators as well as a turtle, a bald headed eagle, osprey and many other birds. Sadly Captain John has moved away from the business but we were taken out by his father who was equally as good.