Disney's Skyliner

One of the highlights of our most recent trip to Orlando (February 2020) was without doubt going on Disney’s Skyliner. The Skyliner is an aerial system connecting some of Disney’s theme parks and resorts by gondolas. These gondolas are accessed from various points (the location I have put on this post is just one of several but it gives an idea of distance and time from the villa).
The Skyliner is completely free to ride and you don’t need any tickets, just hop on and hop off and sit back and enjoy the ride and the wonderful views over the theme parks.
It is still relatively new and was only opened in 2019. There are currently 5 stations for boarding the gondolas located at the resorts and theme parks.
If you have tickets for any of the Disney parks then it is one of several ways of travelling between the parks. You can however also go on the Skyliner even if you aren’t actually going into the Disney parks.
When we went on it we didn’t have any tickets for going into any of the parks and we were very lucky that we were allowed to park in the car park of the Caribbean Beach resort from which there is a Skyliner station to board the gondolas. There is no guarantee that you can park there though and if you are just wanting to ride the gondolas finding where to park and then accessing the Skyliner may require parking and paying a Disney car parking fee. Even if that turns out to be the case and you have to pay about $25 for the car I would still think it is very worthwhile as the rest of your time there can be a completely free activity.
We went at about 6.30 pm and as it was dark it was quite spectacular seeing all of the lights of the parks lit up below us. We even saw the fireworks (from a distance) when we were travelling back on the Skyliner at the end of our evening.
Accessing the actual gondolas is very easy and we had my Mum with us who was in a wheelchair and at each station the Disney staff give additional help to put a wheelchair safely and easily on board.
We “flew” the whole system and got off at various stops including at a couple of the resorts which was really enjoyable. Our main stop though was just outside Epcot. From here it was about a minutes walk to the free boat cruise which took us down to Disney’s Boardwalk. We got off at The Boardwalk and spent an enjoyable 30 minutes or so before boarding again.
All in all it was a fantastic evening out with great experiences, wonderful views, free boat rides and free gondola rides and I would absolutely recommend it.