Dollar General

Dollar General is one of the nearest stores to the villa at just 7 minutes drive away. There are a lot of stores like Dollar general around, a couple more being down in Davenport old town itself.

Dollar Stores do not sell fresh fruit, vegetables or meat. They do have a reasonable amount of food for sale though and it is relatively cheap. Don't confuse the name of this store with the UK's Poundland where everything is a pound. At Dollar General items are not all priced at $1. The Dollar General was until October 2019 the nearest store to Watersong and one that we would very occasionally  go to if we ran out of the odd item such as milk. However, since October a massive new Publix has opened about 2 minutes away from the Dollar General which is even closer to the villa so I would imagine that Publix will become the "local corner shop" for anyone staying on Watersong from now on.