Sarasota Bay Explorers

We did this boat trip in combination with a visit to Mote Aquarium back in 2015 when we were heading back towards Orlando after a few days down on the Gulf Coast. It is quite a drive from Orlando for the day to visit Sarasota and the various delights that it has to offer such as the Sarasota Bay Explorers Boat Trip but it is a fantastic experience and worth doing if you get the opportunity.

The Mote Aquarium itself is well worth a visit. However, the real highlight for us was the boat trip which lasted one hour and 45 minutes during which we saw such a range of wildlife including dolphins, a turtle and lots of different birds especially pelicans. We loved it when the marine biologist who was leading the trip put a net into the sea and then pulled it out a couple of minutes later and put the contents into a tank of water for us all to see. There was a real range of fish and sea creatures including a puffa fish. The children on board especially enjoyed this and were able to experience seeing things close up. All of the creatures were treated professionally and with great care and then returned unharmed back into the sea.

On part of the journey we moored up at a small island and disembarked for a short walk to see and learn about the birds there. 

The boat itself has plenty of seating which is under a canopy to keep the sun off. You can walk around the boat safely and easily whenever you want to.

The cost of this trip is $27 for adults and $23 for children which we thought was well worth it.

The boat trips go from Sarasota Bay Explorers, At Mote Aquarium
1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy.
City Island, Sarasota, FL