We used Target  for the first time in March 2017 after having had it recommended by our Management Company who live out in Orlando. When we walked in to Target it was not even apparent that they sell food and I had to ask where it was. Unusually the food part is right at the far end of the store. It is very large and sells clothes, electrical goods and many other things as well as food. The selection of items for sale in the food department is fairly small and also quite expensive. Quality wise it is probably on a par with Sainsbury's in the UK. There are of course many Targets in the area but this one on Posner Park is the nearest. 

If you come out of Watersong and turn left there is a brand new road  called Ernie Caldwell Boulevard on the right which opened shortly after we last returned to the UK back in March. This road is of high quality and takes you straight up to Posner Park 

What I like the most about this Target is its location, on the Posner Park retail area. There are some other good shops on Posner Park especially J.C Penny which is like a big Debenhams, but nearly always nearly empty of customers. I have bought several pairs of Levis at J.C. Penny for about £35 a pair! There is also a massive electrical store called Best Buy which Richard loves. A large bookstore is also on Posner and Michael's Craft store. So I would use Target if we need a few bits and want to look in any of the other shops but not as my main choice for where to do my supermarket shopping.