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The 5 Best Water Parks in Orlando

Published On: 26 Jun, 2019 01:07 PM

What a fun day out a day at a water park is! You have a lot of fun and excitement but being water based it is of course a lot cooler than walking round a theme park and more relaxing. Quite a lot of our guests tell us that they like to do a waterpark day in between a day at Disney or Universal as a "chill out" day. 

So far we have been to Universal's Volcano Bay and Seaworld's Aquatica. We enjoyed both but of the two we thought that Volcano Bay was far better and would definitely go there again. We have not yet done either of the Disney waterparks but both look fantasic. 

You can rent a cabana for a day which may be a good idea if you have young children with you who will maybe want a rest or more shelter from the sun, although they can be expensive from what I have read. When we went we had my teenage nephew with us and our sons who are in their late twenties. If you are all going on the different rides or swimming you will need a locker to store your belongings in and the lockers are very small! You can get a larger size locker but even then you are very limited in terms of how much you can get inside one.  We didn't take a towel each into the water parks as we would have needed to then rent a locker each and rental costs for one locker at Volcano Bay start at around $8. As it can be so hot you dry off very quickly naturally and by the time we were ready to put on our flip flops and shorts to go home we were dry. 

The water parks are there to be enjoyed and experienced for yourselves though and here is a useful article on the 5 Best Water Parks in Orlando to give you some help on choosing which ones to visit.   

First posted on 25th June 2019  


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