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The Manatees at Blue Spring State Park

Published On: 16 Feb, 2021 10:28 AM

The first time that Richard and I ever saw a manatee was when we went to the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota a couple of years ago and were amazed at how large  and beautiful they were.

Mote Aquarium is well worth a visit but in our opinion, nothing beats seeing an animal in its natural surroundings so a trip to one of the state parks such as Blue Spring  was a must do activity on our next visit. Blue Spring State Park is approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes away from the villa and a great place to have a day out. You can see the manatees from various look outs on the boardwalk that border the river. The water is absolutely crystal clear so you have a perfect view of the manatees in the water as well as lots of fish. 

We have now done a visit to Blue Springs State Park twice, each time in February, to observe the manatees from the viewing platforms, while they are in the inland waters of the warmer springs. Such a great sight and combined with taking a picnic (which you can eat at a picnic table provided in the state park), followed by a 2 hour boat ride with the  St Johns River Cruise   during which you see so much wildlife such as alligators, turtles an abundance of birds, it is a day out which is a real highlight of our holiday. The manatees only come inland at certain times so the year so you would need to check the website of Blue Spring State Park to see when they there although even at times of the year when they are not at the state park a day there is still well worth the journey.

Originally published November 2017. Updated 25th June 2019. 


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